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Back yourself; Entrepreneurship and Self Confidence

How one woman succeeded in producing a 1.5 million dollar film at the age of 22 and went on to start a successful media company.

Today we sat down with Mia De Rauch to hear about how she launched her own video production company – Flipswitch Media

Flipswitch Media is an Australian company that creates video content for businesses in Melbourne. Mia’s dedication for finding creative ways to develop great content was the foundation for starting her own company and following her passion.

Mia resides in Torquay, Victoria with her dog Ringo.  Apart from her passion towards her business, Mia loves walking Ringo on the beach, reading and spreading awareness about her service offering which has its challenges at times!  

Mia talks about these challenges from her early journey in producing a 1.5 million dollar film, dealing with lawsuits and how she overcame these curveballs and never let these experiences diminish her confidence.

This is her story.

What inspired you to start your company?

I just always assumed I would have my own business of some sort. My Dad had a successful business he built from nothing. So I was going to do the same. I started when I did because working for someone else just didn’t suit me. I really struggle to stay employed! I feel like I’ve worked for a lot of douchebags though (sorry can I use that word?). I’ve also worked for some great people and still struggled. I just don’t have it in me!

I’ve continued into video production, because I think it’s essential for businesses. When we started, I noticed that equipment and especially distribution of video was getting cheaper and easier. It got me excited that smaller businesses could afford video marketing and play against the big boys! Especially with social media the way it is. You can create video marketing and get it out to a huge audience for almost the same price as what we paid the catering crew to do TV ads! It’s awesome. I really wanted to bring that to my clients. The creativity and versatility that comes with video, plus I love helping them create their own. Making plans of the types of content we can create, where they are going to post it. There is so much you can do!

Did You Experience Failures? If So, What Did You Learn From Them?

I’ve had many failures. However, I’m not sure I really see them as that. Each failure helped me to progress in life towards what I have today. Which is what made them learning experiences!

When I was 22 I began my dream of producing a feature film, “Centre Place”.  It was just supposed to be a small film. However, as we went along it just got bigger and bigger. Next thing you know, I am the producer of a $1.5 million film – with no experience working on feature films. It was completely different to work in TV production. Which is where I had been since I was 16. I wouldn’t call this a failure as such. We had quite good success overseas, and it was shown on Jetstar for a while there as well. People really liked it.

The problem was, I was left with all of it on my own in the end. I didn’t know how to do marketing and I didn’t know who to trust. I ended up being sued, which led to a countersuit. It was all a bit of a mess and dampened my view of the whole experience. It was really hard to be positive about it all. But you know what – a lot of people I don’t know watched the film I worked hard to create. Which has to be an achievement in itself. Really, nothing else has compared so far to the stress and hard work it was to build that film! Especially since I was also in hospital during pre-production. I had an ovary removed as well as a lot of benign fluid that had made me really sick for years. So that recovery was fun!

Image Supplied by Mia De Rauch

There have been a lot of little failures along the way as well. Most of them, I can admit, has stemmed from a lack of patience from me. However, we are always learning! I’ve become much more patient in my 30’s, but I still stress if things move too slow. It’s about remembering that things move at the pace they need to. Speeding things up, doesn’t mean it’s going to work out well!

I have a failed marriage as well. Two years ago we split up the marriage and the business partnership. That was really tough. I tried to hold as much together for our clients as possible. It didn’t work with every client. I did lose some. However, all I can do is be happy with what I was able to continue to build while going through that time. That failure taught me a lot about myself and what I could tolerate as a person.

To what do you attribute your success in your career and how do you define success?

I attribute my success to tenacity and follow through. I know what I want to achieve and I continue until it’s achieved. You can easily lose sight of your dreams – they can get blurry and seem like it’s too hard or they are too far away. You wonder why they were your dreams in the first place. However, they were your dreams for a reason and I’ve kept going, experimenting and learning along the way.

It’s the smaller goals and hard work along the way that makes a success. I do believe the saying that if it was easy, it’s not really worth it.

I define success as happiness. Some days I feel successful, others not so much. Success is when you can live the life you want to. No matter what that life is. I’m not ‘successful’ yet financially according to the forbes rich list. However, I have a house, my dog never goes hungry and I have time to help people close to me when they need it. I’m successful because I’m lucky enough to still be able to attempt my goals and have a great business.

How Do You Plan On Growing Your Business?

Slowly and sustainably! My growth plan includes increasing our reach across corporate clients – I’ve built retainer style packages so that we can be more consistent with our cash flow. Which has been tough for us. One off clients means it’s very up and down each month.

I’ve also recently invested in a new office space that is big enough for us to have a cyclorama white wall. This is going to give us more range of what we can do for clients and a new revenue stream as we can hire it out. So that is really exciting.

My plan also consists of building my crew of videographers and content creators. So that I can build our client list more without straining on time. One of our values is that we offer a good turnaround time for our clients.

What is your favourite aspect of being a career woman?

I think it’s that I’ve been able to make the choice to be a career woman! That I’m not limited by my womb. I make choices every day that are for me and what I want to do with my life.

A career woman is one that works for an employer. A career woman may have children, they may not. I see a career woman as one that is passionate about building something for herself and her family. One lucky enough to have choices.

That’s my favourite aspect of being a career woman – choices.

Wrap Up

Mia’s story is a great example of having a vision of what you want, following through and backing yourself the whole way. It’s human nature to doubt yourself and want to give up when things don’t go to plan.  A fundamental part of overcoming any business or personal failure is our mindset, particularly the strength of our courage and determination to succeed. Failure, is part of life. How we deal with it determines whether or not it leads us to success. The key is to back yourself NO matter what.


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